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Crew One Productions was formed in 1992 when two respected entertainment industry professionals joined to form one of the largest technical staffing companies in the country.

We can handle staffing.

Crew One is one of the largest tech staffing sources in the Southeast

We are dedicated to helping you obtain top quality personnel and services that meet your changing needs. We can tailor the workers for your calls to meet all of your show requirements and provide you with daily running invoices to keep you in line with your budget.

We can handle the whole show!

You may know us by a number of name variations: Crew 1, Crew1 or Crew One. Regardless of how you spell it, we make sure you get the best in production and event services the industry has to offer. Find out more about us, our services and experience, or click here to contact us!
  • Audio/FOH
  • Monitor Techs
  • Camera Ops
  • Carpenters
  • Down Riggers
  • Electricians
  • Followspot Ops
  • Fork Lift Ops
  • Truss Spot Ops
  • Lighting Ops
  • Up Riggers
  • Production Mgmt
  • Steel Climbers
  • Stage Mgmt
  • Stagehands
  • Grips
  • Tech Directors
  • Truck Loaders
  • Lull Ops
  • Wardrobe


Crew One Productions is an ETCP recognized company that represents a commitment to the enhancement of safety and reduction of risk in the workplace by the industry and demonstrates Best Practices by utilizing ETCP Certificants, and by encouraging their workers to become ETCP Certified professionals.