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About us

The Crew One name has been recognized by touring professionals,
corporate sponsors, and sporting organizations alike for our reliability,
professionalism, and experience.
During the late seventies and early eighties, Ben Jumper, former owner of Mid America, and the late John Wayne, former owner of PAW, both toured the country. They learned firsthand what bands and promoters expected from a labor company. In 1992, these two respected industry professionals joined to form one of the largest technical staffing companies in the country, Crew One Productions.

Why Crew One?

We’ve been sending it Since 1992. We are the ONE and & only crew you need. The Crew One name has been recognized by touring professionals, corporate sponsors, and sporting organizations alike for the reliability, professionalism, and experience of its crews. Find out more about us HERE

How does it work?

Our management team of industry professionals will work with you to plan and customize labor for your next concert, festival, trade show, theater production, or corporate event at a competitive rate.

Crew One then dives into our vast pool of talent to staff your event and hires the safest and most proficient crew. We tailor the workers to meet all of your show requirements and keep you in line with your budget.

First ones in, last ones out. We will handle the whole show! Our managers are dedicated to providing top quality personnel, and are committed to making your event a success. See our full list of services HERE

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At Crew One, we believe both our clients and contractors need, and deserve, our integrity, respect, and empathy. We have a sense of duty and responsibility to strive for excellence through our laser-focused teamwork to ensure each event is a safe success.

Over 30 years ago, Atlanta’s premier concert promoters asked our four founders, who had been touring for decades, to create a practical choice that would be the safest, most-skilled, and cost-effective technical staffing solution. Thus, in 1992, Crew One Productions was formed. Since then, we have grown to be the trusted source for technical staffing in Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Orlando, Tampa and with Music Festivals Nationwide.

But we aren’t just working in the Southeast. In addition to these places, our company has been used across the country in major arenas, festivals, convention centers, stadiums, and more. Beginning in 2009, U2 360’s Tour stop at the old Georgia Dome, we pioneered our industry’s push for safer working conditions by ensuring that all our contractors wear the proper PPE, as delineated by OSHA.  Because safety is always our utmost importance, we are proud to be members of the event safety alliance (ESA) and a recognized entertainment technician certification program (ETCP) labor provider.

Over the past decade, we took our safety initiatives a step further when we created a custom proprietary and dependable crew for each call. Our unique technology provides us with the ability to make rapid changes to any call. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we fill every call, regardless of its size.


Crew One Productions is an ETCP recognized company that represents a commitment to the enhancement of safety and reduction of risk in the workplace by the industry and demonstrates Best Practices by utilizing ETCP Certificants, and by encouraging their workers to become ETCP Certified professionals.